Sunday, January 13, 2008

Method or Madness?

Ah the single sock collection; one has been languishing for a long time, one needs to be frogged and the other two are simply patiently awaiting their mates.

Ms. Tempest really enjoys my knitting (and the couch)!
We must keep the Canine in the blog...must stop neglecting the cashmere is mostly up to M and he is very preoccupied with nursing school.

Some call it Startitis, I call it casting a wide net from which to multi-task. Different projects (read sock patterns) require varying levels of concentration. This is a very basic ribbed sock in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted because there are people in my life who clearly believe that hand knit socks grow on trees. A quick and easy knit for those times before coffee and after too many hours of knitting lace while watching television.

Ah the passion of a beautiful pattern, a gorgeous yarn and the time to sit down with it.

Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern- adapted from Weldon's by Nancy Bush in Knitting Vintage Socks
Blue Moon Fiber Arts- Socks that Rock Lightweight in Rose Quartz
2.5 mm dpns from Knit Picks

Love, pure sock knitting ecstasy!!!

Then there is the sock pattern that just wont leave me alone. You may recall a pair of Post Christmas Monkeys as well as some earlier Monkeys in STR Fluorite. I made this sock in three weekdays I think which is remarkably fast for me. The pattern repeat is so easy and fun it is hard to put the needles down.

I do occasionally finish things too, sorry not a great picture they just came out of a warm bath. These are some simple socks for a friend who doesn't take particularly good care of garments, so they are simple and rugged, hand knit sock training wheels if you will. Specs are on my Ravelry page.
For now, I would rather not discuss the two unfinished sweaters, one unfinished shell, the never ending afghan from hell (which I did work on this month) or any other hibernating projects. I am in a sock knitting mood and that is what I shall knit.
Did I mention I went online this morning and bought yarn to make a Cobblestone Pullover for M? Well so much for rationalization, I have rampant Startitis.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Lagoon Monkey

This is such an addictive pattern
Monkey by Cookie A.
Socks that Rock Lightweight in 'Lagoon'