Sunday, April 27, 2008

Injured Paw Boy

Injured Paw Boy, originally uploaded by Courtney Knits.

He didn't even realize he hurt his paw until we tackled him to clean and bandage it.

Noro Kureyon Socks

Noro Kureyon Socks, originally uploaded by Courtney Knits.

Finished some socks and blocked them on my new sock blockers from Fearless Fibers.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Copper Cupolas

Copper Cuppolas, originally uploaded by Courtney Knits.

I have been making a lot of jewelry lately.

I have been making earrings for myself and gifts for many years and decided to post some on my Etsy shop and see what happens.
So far, my neighbor Sarah is my best customer.

It is inexpensive to post on Etsy and it is satisfying somehow to have your craft broadcast to a larger audience even if all they do is look.
I just wish the price of silver wasn't through the roof!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Sometimes Only Lace Will Do

Maybe it was a very delayed response to Malabrigo March Madness or a subconscious joining of Project Spectrum-Fire after the fact.

I found myself at Twisted which has probably the best selection of Malabrigo in Portland. I felt compelled to rid myself of the negative knitting juju of this (an utter waste of time and beautiful yarn).

Once again I returned to what is comfortable and cast on another Shetland Triangle in Malabrigo Lace because clearly two STs are not enough.

The colorway is Sealing Wax and in my defense I will say that:

1. I have been actually wearing ST #1 quite a bit lately.

2. I am embarking on slightly new ground by actually knitting lace in lace weight yarn.

I have already had frustrations with the latter, it tied itself in a tight little knot this morn which, pre-caffeine, I was forced to knit up into the shawl after hopeless attempts at unknotting. It amazes me with laceweight how quickly the stitches add up as the triangle is still so dainty.

I worked a few rows today at work during meetings but it is still so wee.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Watermelon Socks in Progress

Picked these up after I finished the socks for my mom. The Kureyon yarn is beautiful but kinda stiff to knit with, not sure I would buy it again.

Waving Lace Socks for Mom

Waving Lace Socks for Mom, originally uploaded by Courtney Knits.

So, terrible picture (see the nursing school scrub top as background) but here they are. I mailed them off to mom yesterday. They knit up really fast and I had plenty of yarn left over.

I included a couple Cedar balls as the socks I made her for Christmas 2 years ago were riddled with moth holes (it gave me nightmares just thinking about it).

I will have better photos with the lace stretched out once she tries them on (I didn't want to stretch them out on my giant size 11 feet).

Great pattern! I have come to expect no less from Evelyn Clark!