Monday, December 11, 2006

Remember to Knit for Yourself

I finished the socks for my mom, whipped out a huge lace scarf for my friend Megan and made mini mittens to adorn other packages all weekend. I am tired, not of knitting but of knitting the particular projects I chose as Christmas gifts. I am pretty good at completing projects but I resent time constraints and the inability to go off on a creative tangent. I am reminded today of something my friend Kim said to me once about knitting, she said; "only knit for yourself". I thought at the time that this was very antithetic to the spirit of knitting, putting love and time into making usable gifts for friends and loved ones. Today though I resumed a pair of socks for myself that I started many moons ago and it felt very good to be knitting something just for me.

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Stella said...

i haven't knit something just for me in... um... almost a year?? i'm doing a pretty good job of enjoying my xmas knitting and not letting it stress me out, but i'm still really really looking forward to january and a nice pair of endpaper mitts.

ps. thinking good thoughts for your friend!