Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Pirate Sock Disaster...Aaaarrrr!

After happily passing the heel and decreasing the gusset, I decided to slip the pirate sock on to see how it excited.....aaaah not going a panic I reasoned...? maybe it was the long runs of white yarn on the inside just were not stretchy enough so ...I ....cut...them....This obviously didn't do anything to make the sock bigger, it just made the whole situation more hopeless and sad.

So, so sad, we had dinner with the neighbors last night and I knit a headband from leftover STR sock yarn to wear over my ears when I bike to work on chilly mornings. It fits but is really better as a hair scrunchy. It was also too small so I increased giving it that potato chip scarf effect.
I just had to make something after the disappointment, the crushing defeat that is my pirate sock.

Morgan again, helpfully suggested that I take a short break from knitting. This only served to make me more determined and angry at myself for not trying the sock on earlier. I have used this yarn with these needles and didn't think it would be a issue...oh well. please try your socks on everyone.


Stella said...

a break! that's hilarious.

my sympathies on the sock though... i'm still a little raw about the great pomatomus incident of 2006.

Katie said...

But is so cute! Do not lose hope, try again. After all, its what the pirates would do.