Thursday, September 27, 2007

Vagabond Hemlock Ring Part 2

Row 88! The rows are getting much longer, it is getting much bulkier (and ungainly) and I am almost through the first skein. Will the jokes about it being a big 'Rasta Hat' never cease? Sometimes knitting in public is really annoying.


Stella said...

Ha! And you KNOW it's only marginally better when it's something really recognizable. I swear to god I was on the last few rows of a sock and someone asked me what it was. Dude, nothing else is shaped like a foot.

Did I tell you I bought my Eco Wool last week and Cheri mentioned you right away?

Courtney said...

No you did not mention that! She is such a sweetie! Check out her blog 'The Naked Sheep Bleat' sometime.

WickedStitchWitch said...

I too got all the comments about a Rasta hat while knitting away at my son and daughter's games these past 2 weeks. I finally finished my Hemlock off today. Bound it off with crochet...which perhaps beame a bit too ruffly for my taste. Next time I will know better! It is blocking now on the guest bed. Well, as much as one is able to block acrylic! LOL