Sunday, December 9, 2007

Swimming Upstream

I hate how commercialized the holidays have become. I hate that I feel obligated to or guilty if I do not give thoughtful gifts to my friends and family who already have too much stuff. Every year I try to be as minimalist as possible and more and more, I try to give handmade gifts.
Still, it is very challenging to think of an appropriate handmade gift for many on my list, men especially....
I made the above for my Piscean mother this morning and then proceeded to go on a jewelry making tangent.

I love how these turned out, simple but fancy at the same time (ignore the fingerprints on the crystals for now).
I think Christmas may be especially minimalist this year....I cannot seem to focus.


dickie said...

they look great!
are the fish swimming on your hemlock ring?

Courtney said...

Yes, in fact I have to admit, I noticed how you used yours for a photo backdrop and how nice it looked and copied you.

Neuroknitter said...

The jewelry you made is lovely!! I love your photos!! I know what you mean by the commercialization. Arg.

Neuroknitter said...

Can't wait to see those Christmas Monkeys!!!

I just saw you have a link to Born Again Birdwatcher...I found him during NaBloPoMo...he lives in my area!! Very cool site!

Merry, merry Christmas Courtney!! Happy New Year!! I hope your 2008 is filled with tons of fiber and time for all the knitting you want to do!