Thursday, May 29, 2008

Knitting Handicap

I crashed on my bike last week and my left hand took most of the impact. My hand and wrist are sprained/bruised. I'm pretty sure it would hurt a LOT worse if anything was broken.

This has made everything (especially work) including knitting difficult and painful.

I went to the Sasquatch music festival this weekend and slowly knit this on the long car ride to and from the Gorge.

The festival was really great but we showed up a bit late on Saturday and were put in the overflow camping area flanked by WSU frat boys. There we were sipping our Espresso/Cote de Rhone and reading Jane Austen. We are mostly in the same book club and Emma is this months read.

Four, thirty-something, married women surrounded by the screams, guttural chants and beer bonging rituals of a breed of man I am completely unfamiliar with........ It was almost like going on safari (or how I imagine a safari to be), total culture shock.

I finished the Gentleman's Fancy Socks in Lorna's Laces Camouflage last week. See more photos here.

Back to work and home, I did some planting this weekend and took it easy. I seem to have temporarily mis-placed the second ball of Sherbet yarn so I might have to find a different sock project for this upcoming work week.


cockeyed said...

Those socks are awesome!!!!!

Neuroknitter said...

I ditto what cockeyed said!! Awesome! And look at those luscious Sherbet socks...I hope you find the other ball soon!

I'm sorry to hear about your injury...fooey! I hope you're healing fast and feeling better soon!

Courtney said...

I found the second ball of sherbet in my office this morning! I knew it couldn't hide for long!

Sam said...

These socks are fab!
Sorry to hear about your accident - hope your hands return to knitworthy-health soon!

Lisa said...

you've inspired me to knit some socks. i got some self stiping yarn as a gift which was fun to knit with but i need to borrow one of your much cooler patterns because i ended up with some lame holes at the side of the heel. definitely room for improvemnet.