Sunday, December 7, 2008


Maybe I was feeling a tad guilty after the extreme stash enhancement on Saturday at the Blue Moon De-Stash Barn Sale

Or maybe I was just inspired when my kind husband had only supportive things to say when I came home with three more bags of yarn.

And offered to help photograph the newest FOs

Without so much as a joke about the newest 'cowl craze'

But I took his suggestion to finish my blanket and ran with it.

The deconstruction (damaged section only :) is complete and the blanket is back on the needles.


Stella said...

ooh, ooh ooh is that a monkey cowl?? love it.

godspeed on the blanket, dude. your fortitude is amazing.

Lisa said...

Very cool new stuff. The blanket looks SO cozy. And, incidentally, I love your earrings.

Wool Girl said...

After seeing your Monkey cowl in person, you've inspired me to knit's on the needles as we speak!
Happy Holidays! :)