Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Pet's Pets

My husband, as a measure of his undying love, consented to build a custom squirrel feeder for me. You might think I decided to give the little pirates their own feeder in the hopes of preventing the above assaults to my bird feeders. The rationale that follows is far more convoluted, bear with me.
My dog Pedro loves to watch the squirrels. Mostly he just watches and sometimes he tries to sneak up on them. Occasionally a chase ensues. So far, the squirrels are way ahead of him, anticipating all his movements. It is however, a perilous journey for them to reach the tree from the fence line, requiring either a death defying jump or a run across the canine patrolled ground. I don't want to encourage the hunting of wildlife in my backyard. It is however a very long day for a dog and being that he is unable to read or knit or watch movies this gives him something to do other than sleep ALL DAY!
So to protect the squirrels and provide endless hours of entertainment, they now have a nut box on the fence. The squirrels figured it out within hours of it's installation, possibly due to their presence for the entire duration of its construction. The first squirrel actually opened the lid with his head. I wish M had snapped a photo of that!
They are still treating my seed feeder as a first course but at least now they have a safer option should they be smart enough to choose it.

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Sam said...

What a great idea. Our dogs love watching (and barking at) the squirrels that run along our back garden fence (which we've named squirrel highway as there seem to be so many of them!)