Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Recession Stash Bust 2009-Episode 1

These were actually began before I was laid off but as they are made entirely of leftover bits of sock yarn in the stash they qualify. They are as ridiculously crazy as expected and I can hardly wait until it is cold enough to wear them out.
The pictures are not great as it is difficult to photograph knee socks on oneself and I did not want to interrupt the tireless job searching efforts of M for fear that I may be knitting in a cardboard box some day not so distant.

I started off recording what all the bits of yarn were. I think I have all from the left sock but lost interest and/or wasn't sure about some in the right. The cool thing is I can look at these and remember so many sock projects, mostly for other people. It's like a time capsule of sock knitting that I can wear. Thank Goddess for the stash! I'm off to work on Episode #2. If you have access to Ravelry more details can be found here.


Neuroknitter said...

Those socks are great C!! It's almost knee-high weather now!! ;)

Good luck with the job searching!!

Mokihana said...

I love love love those socks!!