Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My So Called Puppy

My American Staffordshire Terrier 'puppy' Pedro went to the vet yesterday and weighed in at a whopping 76lbs! I decided this morning that I better cuddle with him and keep him on my good side before he gets even bigger. He will be one year old on March 31st and has a lot of growing left to do. Thank goodness he is a lover not a fighter!
On the knitting spectrum, I was very excited to see that Cookie A. has made her beautiful new collection of sock patterns available online. I bought the Twisted Flower Sock pattern, I just could not resist, I knew I had to have it ever since she first unveiled it on her blog.
I have decided to take a short break from all of my socks in progress and fished a very old UFO out of the cedar chest. It is a Gyrid tank in periwinkle that I started (barely) last summer and quickly lost interest in. I think it was partly the lure of socks as well as underlying intimidation of The Garment. I picked it because it seemed like an easy project for a first garment.

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Stella said...

that tank is super pretty, and it's almost the time of year for it again! i knitted my first garment before my first sock, so with the lovely foot- and headwear you've been cranking out lately, no intimidation is necessary.