Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mixing new and old

I have been tirelessly working to complete some very old UFOs. I almost completed the back of the Gyrid tank and am now blocking the cabled red Ksar scarf that I started when I first learned to cable and wanted to design a cabled scarf of my own. It is going to be very warm and soft to wear but needless to say the stitch pattern I chose almost two years ago to challenge myself was very boring to finish now. There are also some errors and design flaws that will bug me but at least it is a warm wearable item rather than an unfinished pile of yarn sitting in my livingroom taking up space on the needles. I also have a hat to match that I have been wearing for almost two years!

I finished my Monkey socks in STR mediumweight in the Fluorite colorway. They are absolutely gorgeous and as tempting as it is to wear them and keep them for myself I am going to stash them away for my best friend for Christmas. I am starting early this year folks as last December I was knitting too much for comfort or sanity.

I may make another pair for myself.

I also made a baby hat for some friends having a girl in May,it is DB Baby Cashmerino and the Drooping Elm Leaf lace stitch from Barbara Walker's first treasury of knitted stitches. I don't think I quite translated it correctly from the directions for flat knitting into the round. It is still pretty and very girly... It has small flower appliques on it.

On the new end of the spectrum, I just had to cast on some Twisted Flower Socks, in green, for my mom, this pattern is just so beautiful. It is also kinda slow moving at first with lots of twists and turns. I'm sure it will be worth it. I am making them in Shibui sock yarn in Seaweed.
Here is my progress photo.


Stella said...

ooh, let me know what you think of the shibui. i've been contemplating a bit of that myself.

gilraen said...

I love how your Monkey socks turned out! Fabulous colours. :D

Redheadskydiver said...

The Monkey Socks are awesome. I can't wait to start some of my own, eventually...

NeuroKnitter said...

Wow! Everything is so gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see the Twisted Flower socks...lovely yarn choice!!
Happy knitting!!