Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Black Sheep Gathering

I had a wonderful time in Eugene, stayed with a friend and went to the show on Friday morning. I loaded up on some Blue Moon Fiber Arts sock yarn. They had mill ends for sale at a reduced price so resistance was utterly futile. I also bought some brand new sock blockers.
I drooled for hours over all the beautiful spinning wheels and roving.
My favorite part was visiting all the animals, three whole barns full. There were sheep, goats and alpaca. So much cuteness! Next year I am staying all weekend!


Cheri said...

Sounds like fun! Great pics :)

Neuroknitter said...

Hi C!! Sorry to miss you at BSG!!! Love your photos of the critters...I'm sensing an enabling encounter around the spinning wheel acquisition, perhaps??!! Anytime I can assist, you know I'm there for you!!! Your moonie sock blockers are too cute!!! Your socks look great on them!