Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Stinkflower

We have a friend who is a gardener for Portland City Parks and in his home garden he has a flair for the unusual. He gave us a cutting of this plant last year and said it was a voodoo lily. It had attractive foliage but did not bloom. I went out in the garden this morning to discover a 12-14 inch long purple flower and another one that has yet to unfurl.
The really interesting part of this flower though is the smell. I recall being warned but was nonetheless unprepared. It reeks like rotting fish guts. There are flies hovering around it and you can literally smell it's stench from about ten feet away.
I think he also said that the bloom only stayed open for a few days. A few days of this beautiful, rotten fish flower will likely suffice.

My wonderful friend Heather is having a birthday celebration tonight and I bought her these flowers at the farmer's market today.

We have been cleaning the bricks from last week and they look pretty good. Scraping mortar off bricks is an activity that is best done in small doses so it is taking us a little while.

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