Monday, October 8, 2007

Holiday Crafting Begins (in earnest)

The second Hemlock Ring Blanket was finished and blocked this weekend.

I went to Collage with my friend Sarah who knows a lot about paper crafts. I bought supplies to make my own holiday gift tags.

I have avoided this store up until now because I knew it would be dangerous. They have such beautiful craft supplies and lots of things with bird motifs which I absolutely cannot resist.

The second Shetland Triangle is almost finished! I wish I had another three days to knit and be crafty and have lunch with friends.


Tania Sk said...

Those bird motifs are sweet. I say keep expanding that craft repertoire. In the last year alone I've indulged in Lampwork glass bead making, stained glass, polymer clay cane making, PMC, metalsmithing, wire and beadwork, and lost wax casting. Some I may only ever do once, but it was fun!

dickie said...

Your Hemlock Ring is beautiful! =)
I like the idea of making my own gift tags, I'm gonna have to get some supplies. ^_^

Tania Sk said...

I love that you have done 2 HRBs. They look great. Those bird motifs are sweet. I say keep expanding that craft repertoire. In the last year I've indulged in lampwork glass bead making, stained glass, polymer clay, PMC, metalsmithing, lost wax casting, and lots of wire work and beading. Even if you just try everything once it's really fun! Where can I find you on Ravelry?

Neuroknitter said...

Your Hemlock blankets are lovely! I ditto the "another three days" sentiment...Why can't every Monday be Columbus Day...or something like that? :)

Courtney said...

I need to link the blog to Ravelry, my username is Tempest!

Stella said...

You wacky VA people and your long weekend. I'm so jealous!

Isn't Collage great? I don't have specific plans for Xmas crafts outside of knitting yet, but I know that a trip to Collage and Dava Beads are in the cards.

I love those papers, especially the red one in the upper right corner there. So pretty.