Saturday, October 27, 2007

Inspiration..just in time..Whew

I have been in a tremendous knitting (and blogging) slump. My grandmother, my favorite and last living grandparent died last week. It was not entirely unexpected and in some ways a great blessing but still my heart aches.
The bag of blue yarn that was slated for her Christmas afghan has been staring at me as a painful reminder all week.
I have been forcing myself to finish a blanket I started almost three years ago. It's a boring, miles of stockinette affair that I thought was a great idea when I started knitting again because well I was a novice and in the manner of all who are uninitiated and un-jaded I did not comprehend the immensity of the tedium I was embarking upon.

It is however, mindless and virtually passionless so in some ways a good numbing project.
I have also been staring down a completed Shetland Triangle that simply needs it's ends weaved in and blocking. It is very unlike me to get so close to the finish line and not go bounding over it even if it means working into the wee hours.

My salvation came yesterday in a small priority mail package on my front porch. The new sock kit from Blue Moon. I'll be honest I was only mildly excited until I opened the package. Many (most) of the patterns this year have been toe up, no disrespect but I am still not a convert to this method. Some of the patterns also have not done justice to the yarn in my opinion and have been rife with tribulations if the accounts of knitters out there attempting them can be trusted.
This months installment was designed by no other than the Yarn Harlot herself. I am not a groupie but I love Stephanie's no nonsense approach to knitting, especially sock knitting. The pattern is gorgeous, Gothic and Halloween inspired and I was confident that I could dive right in without fear of multiple froggings.
It is also lace which has been my knitting muse for the last many moons.
I'm sure photos will not do it justice but those of you out there who have received the same package know exactly what I'm talking about.

Thanks for the inspiring project ladies. I really appreciate it!


HawaiianGirl said...

I am so very sorry for your loss. I imagine knitting is great comfort to you know. I'm glad your STR stuff came.


Neuroknitter said...

Hi Courtney--I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your grandmother. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.