Saturday, November 24, 2007

Four Days Off!

I am really, really, really enjoying four consecutive days away from work.
I like my job, I love my co-workers but it is so nice to have a break.
We had a wonderful meal with friends on Thursday, went out for a lovely brunch on Friday and I still can't believe I have another day and a half to relax and knit.
We got some house cleaning done and took the dogs to the off leash park yesterday afternoon and I still managed to whip up a pair of these:

This pattern is so easy and relaxing and satisfying to knit. I cannot believe I haven't made it sooner. Such a great use for all those single balls of yarn bought impulsively just because.

The Naked Sheep Knit Shop, my LYS had a black Friday sale and I went early for some great deals and a new knitting bag.

I won this yarn in a raffle and also went home with a new Naked Sheep coffee mug!

I grafted the toe on Lenore #1 and finished the first Christmas Monkey

and started another pair:

I think my favorite strategy for sock knitting is to make a whole gaggle of singles and then start over and make the mates. It keeps the yarn and patterns more novel.

I enhanced my stash further with this:

Three skeins of Malabrigo Worsted Merino in Indigo. What should I do with it?

Back to knitting! Happy Saturday!


Neuroknitter said...

I heart the Christmas Monkeys!! Lovely!! Hmmm, what to do with the Malabrigo? Would it work for a cabled hat and fingerless mitt set? Forbes Forest scarf?

Mokihana said...

What a great idea about knitting socks!! It means having more needles, of course, but sure does solve any boredom problems. Thanks for the idea!