Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Socks and Showers

The cold fall weather and BMFA Stash Sale have finally brought me out of my sock knitting slumber. I started this Monkey in BMFA 'Christmas Balls'.

I finished (ahem, except for grafting the toe:) one Lenore. It fits well despite changing needles and sizes several times.

I finally blocked Shetland Triangle #2. It is huge and lovely but the edging isn't very pointy and I'm not sure why as I did all the edging rows, maybe a second blocking will do the trick, it made #1 pointier.

I made this hat for myself for cold mornings waiting for the bus. It is Elsebeth Lavold Silky Flamme which is Alpaca/Silk/Wool. I wanted a more neutral colored beanie so my outfit on cold days did not have to match my red cabled hat.
I'm not much of a fashionista really but for some reason I like my accessories at least to go well together (not clash too badly).

Last but not least, our water heater is dying and we will be spending some time over this holiday weekend installing a new one. This will cut into my knitting time but hot showers (and baths) in the winter are important to this crafter.


Stella said...

All those projects look great! I think the silky flamme would be great in a hat. I'm half tempted to steal the scarf I made back from its recipient, it's so soft. And wow, Lenore is gorgeous.

We are right there with you on the water heater. There goes my Xmas shopping reserve fund...

Neuroknitter said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! I heart the Monkey Christmas Balls!!! Those are gorgeous!! All your projects from head to toe are lovely!!!Bummer about the water heater...I, too, can related to that feeling...ours was the gas furnace...thank goodness for a robust stash of wool socks!! :)

WickedStitchWitch said...

Lovin the socks!!! I need to get into my sock stash and get on it! :o)