Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Asked For It

...and I sure got it.

I have been joking about getting the full winter Wisconsin experience on this trip and the first part of it was mostly quaint; snow, relatives, beer football, etc.

Scooters in the snow, cute, right? adorable, what's not to love?

All that cute came abruptly to a halt yesterday as I spent the entire day in the Madison airport, lugging my luggage to and fro, in and out of security gates, re-booking three times to end up in Madison for the night eating sushi in a strip mall by the airport. (This last part isn't as bad as it sounds, though eating decent sushi in Wisconsin pretty much convinced me that I was hallucinating from exhaustion and frustration).
I will not bore you with all the sordid details but the worst parts were;

1) Sitting on the tarmac in a full plane of people for three hours going nowhere to then have the flight ultimately canceled.

2) Waiting many more hours for a much later flight (that was already 4 hours late) to be canceled again, this time because they had no crew to fly the plane.

Once again, these are the highlights of yesterday's hellishness. I am a patient waiter. I have knitting after all and I bought magazines and am working on my second book. What upsets me is being yanked about with all these false promises. If you know I'm not getting out of Madison by noon why lead me on?

I'm off to battle the airport again...did I mention the WiFi at the Madison airport is NOT free. I always thought Madison was such a Socialist place...what gives?

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Neuroknitter said...

So sorry to hear about your traveling woes! Thank goodness for knitting! And yeah, what's with the NOT free WiFi? And not free at the airport?? grumble, grumble.

We missed you on Sunday at Twisted.

Hope you're home now.