Thursday, March 6, 2008

Life, etc.

I have been taking a little....break *gasp* from knitting. I'm spending some time being more physically active in the lovely early spring weather we have had in the Pacific Northwest.
A little gardening, swimming, lots of walking with and without dogs and....
I also started to Belly Dance again!
I convinced a couple friends to join me and we are taking a class at one of Portland's community centers. Our instructor is an amazing dancer and an even more amazing teacher.
I did pick up the needles today on an unfinished linen hand towel that was laying about.
It felt good to knit a few rows. I had a dream that I forgot how to knit. This actually happened to me when I took an almost ten year break from knitting.
It is like riding a bike or driving stick though, it will always come back!
Oh and the stash was near to enveloping my home and beginning to intimidate me. It had to be tamed and corralled a bit.


Stella said...

Yay! I saw a couple of belly dancers at a talent show recently and thought of you -- that's awesome that you're doing it again. I've been getting more active with the spring myself, which means a little less knitting. (Although the sweater project I just started might change that temporarily.)

Where do you swim? I've been thinking I ought to mix in some swimming and biking with my walking and running.

Neuroknitter said...

You go girl! The knitting will always be there, waiting patiently for your return!!

All this spring activity...I think I need to follow your and Stella's lead and at least walk at lunch!

Thanks for the inspiration!