Sunday, July 13, 2008

FO Purple Raglan Sweater

I finally finished the dang thing on Friday. Those small balls of yarn created SO many ends to weave in. I brought it with me to see The Police and it was chilly enough to wear it!

It has been VERY hot however to model for photos in the daylight hours! I braved it but the photos are not the best due to the circumstances.

The Front

The Back

The Front again..

My helpful Photographer(and spouse)

It is a very simple pattern and a very basic sweater, nonetheless I am quite happy with the way it turned out because it fits and is very comfy. I can hardly wait for Fall so I can wear it!
I found this very satisfying to knit, excepting the very end when I had to drag the almost finished thing around in the heat.
My inclination is to start another sweater but I think I better look to some of my snoozing UFOs or unfinished/unmated socks first.

Happy Summer Sunday!


Sam said...

It is beautiful. I love the colour and the fit. (and you go to see The Police? you lucky lass :)

Neuroknitter said...

The sweater looks great!

The Police? Way cool!

So, you are so very brave to wear that lovely sweater in this heat...Oy! Passing a virtual beer your way!! :)

IrishgirlieKnits said...

So cute! It fits fabulously!

And quite brave with the heat....the things we do for our knitting!

Stella said...

Nice work lady! You were totally in need of some good sweater karma after that hourglass, and I'd say you've got it now. Looks great.

(And if you can model in the heat, maybe I'll finally get around to it too...)

Lisa said...

you finished a sweater that fits?! Damn! I'd be looking a lot happier than you if i ever pulled that off.

ladylinoleum said...

Your sweater looks faboo!