Wednesday, July 23, 2008

UFOs and Reading..what is that?

I did as promised and picked up a LONG neglected knitting UFO and was working tirelessly on it. That is until I got my hands on my book clubs current selection; Oryx and Crake by Canadian authoress Margaret Atwood.

I picked it up at the library on Sunday afternoon and finished Tuesday night. I am not an especially fast reader but was thoroughly engrossed by this one.

I have made much progress on the Gyrid tank though and only have a couple inches of boring knitting, some armhole shaping and finishing to go before completion.

My goal is to be able to wear it on my upcoming vacation in August. I am taking 2, that's right 2! consecutive weeks off. I read a study a while back that suggested if a person did not take at least 2 weeks away from their normal routine per annum, the health benefits of vacation; true relaxation in the physiological and psychological senses were essentially non-existent.

Wanting the stress of my daily life to NOT be the death of me I have decided to heed this advice.

I realized that the last time I was away from work for 2 weeks or longer was when I was briefly unemployed in 2001, a vacation..NOT!


Neuroknitter said...

Have a great vacay!!

string bean said...

Thank you for your comment on my February Lady Sweater! It's a great knit, and Cascade fits it well. Can't wait to see yours!
(I don't really know how to reply to comments other than doing this, but I had to say thanks!!)