Friday, November 17, 2006

Lace Baby Hat

This photo is kind of blurry but it is a lace baby hat that I knit last weekend and I wanted to show it off because I made the pattern up myself. I searched all over the Internet for a lace baby hat pattern and all I could find were bonnets, so I bought yet another volume of the Harmony Stitch books and experimented. It also came out the appropriate size the first time which amazed me. I am not very good about doing gauge swatches especially since I often start knitting without knowing exactly what it is that I am trying to knit.


Stella said...

aw, lady, i'm so impressed! i fully support any efforts to publish said pattern -- it's super cute.

NeuroKnitter said...

Hey Courtney!! Welcome to blogland!! Great blog!! I love all your projects!! Happy knitting!!

Noralee said...

The baby hat is fantastic. Does it have a scalloped edging? it looks like it might. The pattern looks so intricate. John's baby is one lucky kid to be sporting such a work of art. Misss you Mom