Saturday, November 25, 2006


Most of the time being an adult is a drag; working , paying bills, acting like a grown up or some approximation thereof. I feel like a kid today because I bought myself a laptop for Christmas and gave it to myself a month early. I mean really, am I seriously going to leave it in the box for a month? I don't think so. It's not like Santa put it on his credit card.
So, I am writing this post from a cafe in North Portland, wirelessly. The novelty of this technology is amazing to me. I love that the whole world has become so accessible and interconnected.
I have my knitting with me, the second sock for mom and the lace sock I started because I just have so much great Socks that Rock yarn in my stash crying out to be knit up into fun and interesting new sock patterns. The second sock for mom is on the needles and about 2 inches long though so all is right with my Christmas knitting schedule.
Morgan and I spent Thanksgiving with friends in Olympia which was really lovely and I had the opportunity to meet their friend Hillary who is an accomplished knitter and who inspired me to knit a sweater for myself finally. I bought the pattern and yarn today online and will start when my Christmas knitting is completed. A little incentive to get through some projects that haven't worked out quite how I had dreamed but still will be great if and when I complete them.

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