Wednesday, April 11, 2007

So Long

It has been so long since I have posted. I started back at my new old job and have been very, very busy, also spring has sprung and I have been dashing outside between rain showers whenever I am home desperately trying to repair the total annihilation of my yard by puppy. One half of the backyard now has no grass which is just fine with me as it is less to mow. My husband has washed his hands of the entire situation and I have to admit it is discouraging. I want to grow tomatoes and have it nice enough to have friends over for some parties this summer. Alas I will try to keep my expectations low for Pedro is only a year old and there is so much more destruction in his future.
I keep starting knitting projects but have not finished anything for what seems like forever. I started a linen hand towel so I could experience knitting with linen. I have four or maybe five socks on needles (all different) and what else...the Gyrid has once again come to a screeching halt. I need another circular needle to continue and am working on addis so I need to get another expensive needle.
I think I am going to go home a do some knitting. I deserve it!

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Stella said...

Yeah, our yard is kind of a mess too -- we haven't done much with it this year since we keep hoping we're going to move soon.

To answer your question, the sweater is good old 220. I love it.

I'm planning to be at Knit Night at the Naked Sheep tomorrow, along with a very beginner knitter coworker of mine. Wanna join us?