Monday, April 23, 2007

More photos from the road

We have returned to Portland with the furniture intact, Morgan did all the driving home in the U-Haul. I am very grateful as I stayed up way too late bonding with my sister-in-law.
The dogs were happy to see us but were fairly calm about our return. I slept much of the drive home except for a detour in Ashland. I also had to try to photograph this double rainbow.

The backyard waterfall in Woodside.

A beautiful double rainbow in northern Oregon along I-5.

We stopped in Ashland and went to Websters, a yarn shop. I bought this skein of sock yarn, made in Wales.

Pedro giving me the cold shoulder when we got home last night.

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Stella said...

aw, what a cute, cranky little man. maya does that too.

and in my continuing theme of sock envy, DAMN is that some lovely yarn.