Saturday, April 21, 2007

Progress Report

Morgan and I took the Amtrak Coast Starlight from Portland to the Bay area to visit his brother and retrieve some furniture he had stored for me.
We had a blast on the train, enjoying spectacular views from the lounge car.
I met a very cool knitter named Monika and we chatted about sock knitting, traveling sock photos and knitting versus blogging. I showed her my traveling geisha finger puppet and we took some photos. I brought the newly started front panel of Gyrid with me an the second Twisted Flower sock. The front panel and the first sock are finished and at home.

My sister in law, Corinne took me to Nine Rubies, a delightful little knit shop in downtown San Mateo today and I made it out the door with one lonely but gorgeous skein of locally produced silk/wool hand paint and a lovely small, silk project bag.

We are staying in beautiful Woodside, California tonight with a hot tub, swimming pool and so many amenities I feel like I am at a resort. More photos and more about the traveling geisha to follow.


NeuroKnitter said...

Gorgeous yarn! Happy knitting!!!

Stella said...

despite feeling pretty sated, knitting-wise, after finishing my sweater, i can't look at those socks without wanting to make some of my own.