Saturday, March 8, 2008

Back in Action

I'm back to the needles. I am only working on current, unfinished projects.
I visited the Naked Sheep today and purchased nothing. The stash is disturbingly large and I expect it to come to life any day now and swallow me whole.
Anyway, I have a few projects, finished in January that I finally got around to photographing yesterday.

Warm, double stranded hats for myself and the hubby for cold bus commuting mornings. Both yarns were cashmere wool blends that were leftovers in the stash. More details on Ravelry.

Rainbow Skull coffee cozy. I have been using this guy quite a bit so it is fuzzy. I buy coffee at work pretty often and often forget my cup and have to use paper. I thought at least if I carried this in my purse I could reduce my waste by not needing the cardboard cozies that protect your hand from the hot cup. It works well and I get lots of comments on it!
Once again, leftover Cascade 220 and Noro scraps, felted.

Finally my Glazed Carrot armwarmers. I made these before I went to Wisconsin and they definitely came in handy. If I were to do them over I might add a real tipless thumb but overall I am very happy with this improvised pattern. The yarn is Malabrigo worsted which is dreamy to knit and I picked the cable pattern out of one of the harmony stitch guides.
P.S. There really are two of these but no one was home to model them for me.


Corwink said...

I am in LOVE with the coffee cozy! Yup I need to make myself one of those asap. I have tons of leftovers that would be great for this. Did you make the pattern up?

Neuroknitter said...

What great projects!!

I love the armwarmers in the Glazed Carrot color!! Yum!