Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ocean Waves

A surprising bit of Americana showed up on my doorstep Friday.

I have never seen this quilt before.
It was won in a raffle in Mt. Sterling Wisconsin in 1902 by my great grandfather.
It was made by the local 'Ladies Aid' and has every members name embroidered on the front.

There is a note in my grandmothers hand to this effect which states that it is to be passed on to the first granddaughter to marry.

This is me as I am the only girl in that generation of our family and today is my 4th wedding anniversary.
Apparently it was misplaced in my aunts attic for some time and she remembered it when she saw me in January.

I finished my Hourglass Sweater and even though I tried it on and everything seemed OK, when all was said and done it was hugely baggy in the back. It fits pretty well elsewhere but the back was literally gaping.

It was pretty upsetting and I can't bear to go into details (there are more on Ravelry) but I did not want to frog and fuzz this so I tacked some darts in the back. It is exceedingly crude but maybe I will be able to wear it once the sadness abates. I may try again now that I have a pretty good idea what modifications need done but for now I am placating myself with something decadent and (knock on wood) foolproof.

I am knitting the Waving Lace socks from Favorite Socks in Sea Wool.
I stopped in Knit Purl on Friday for hemming advice on the sweater and saw this yarn and knew mom needed some socks.
She is a Piscean and oceanophile and these are 30% Seacell and the colorway was Ocean.

We had game night with the neighbors last night (horrid, endless game of Monopoly, Thank Goddess for knitting!) . I made good progress on the first sock!

Happy Sunday!


dickie said...

Wow, I love old items with stories and purposes. =)

Great color choice for the socks!

Neuroknitter said...

What a wonderful quilt!! Happy anniversary!

Bummer about the sweater...It looks lovely from the front!

Great sock! I love that colorway. It looks lovely in that pattern!

And yes, the cupcakes are to die for...there are still some left, barely!! :)

Stella said...

First off, Happy Anniversary!! That's an amazing quilt and an amazing story.

Sucks about the hourglass... and the color is so pretty, too! It sounds like you might get some use out of it after all though.