Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Busy Weekend

The April Sock club yarn, so gorgeous, you really need to touch it to appreciate fully, it is regular Socks that Rock with a little silk spun in...mmmm

My sporty new scooter. It is so fun and exciting. I filled up the tank and got change for a $5!

The veggie garden plot with wire to deflect Mr. naugty.

The Hops are going to be huge this year!

Aaaah they are so cute yet soo bad!


Katie said...

I am jealous of your artichoke. My landlord killed mine after we nurtured it for two years. Congrats on the scooter. MEEP MEEP!

Cheri said...

Awesome scooter! What are you going to knit for it? So far I'm knitting 3 things for my new bike. Call me crazy.

Be safe now! No knitting and scooting!