Monday, May 28, 2007

I Love Three Day Weekends

I checked Craigslist Portland this morning for free bricks and found a new posting about six blocks from our house, so before coffee and without a shower I headed over to check it out. I really expected that they would be long gone, it has been very hard to find used brick in Portland in the last couple years, so I did not bring gloves or a tarp to protect my car (Morgan is at work with his truck).
I loaded the poor Subaru up with as much as I thought she could handle and left some half bricks behind. I drove very slowly........

I wheelbarrowed all the bricks to a pile in the backyard and let me tell you bricks and mortar are heavy. Morgan will be very surprised when he gets home today.
We will have to clean the mortar off and then we are going to use them for a pathway/patio in the backyard in the high traffic area where there is only dog dug dirt now.

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Katie said...

Hell Yeah!
Let's here it for re-used building materials! That's ambitious, all that mortar. Awesome.